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Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

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Finding you've lost interest in sex, can't get aroused, or that intercourse has become painful can be very distressing. If you're suffering from sexual dysfunction, experienced OB/GYNs Jhonathan Duarte, MD, and Vicente Gari, MD, of Miami Women's Health Associates in Miami, Florida, offer compassionate care. They can help you discover why you are experiencing sexual dysfunction and what treatments are available to resolve the problem. To schedule a consultation, call their Coconut Grove office or book an appointment online today.

Sexual Dysfunction Q&A

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction describes a disruption in your sex life and is something that happens to men and women of all ages.

There are various types of sexual dysfunction:

Desire and arousal problems

If your interest in sex changes, there could be something affecting your libido. It's important to understand that it's not how often you have sex that matters, but how you feel about it. 

If you're happy with your sex life, you don't need to worry – it's only when you lose interest in sex and it's making you unhappy that there's an issue.

Without desire, arousal can be difficult, and sex may be painful or unpleasant. Some women experience desire but still have problems getting physically aroused.

Orgasmic problems

You might be finding it difficult to orgasm, or your orgasms might be less satisfying than usual.

Sexual pain

Pain during intercourse may be due to a lack of arousal or a physical problem that's interfering with penetration.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

One of the issues often responsible for sexual dysfunction is hormonal changes. Pregnancy causes many fluctuations in hormone levels, and after giving birth, it takes time for your body to return to its normal balance.

Perimenopause and menopause see hormone levels fall quite dramatically, which can have a noticeable impact on your libido. Vaginal atrophy and arousal difficulties are also common menopausal problems.   

Other causes of sexual dysfunction include:

  • Cancer treatments and side effects
  • Relationship problems
  • Negative experiences from the past
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Conditions like vaginismus
  • Low self-esteem

Chronic diseases like diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction, as can being overweight or obese and leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

What treatments are available for sexual dysfunction?

The treatment your gynecologist at Miami Women's Health Associates recommends for your sexual dysfunction depends on the cause.

Treating any underlying medical issues is important, and making changes to improve your overall health can make a significant difference to how you feel. Weight loss, a healthy diet, more exercise, lowering stress levels, and getting enough good quality sleep are all likely to boost your well-being.

Other potential treatments for sexual dysfunction include:

  • Local estrogen therapy for vaginal dryness
  • Using dilators to stretch your vaginal muscles
  • Pelvic floor therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections

If your sexual dysfunction has an emotional or psychological aspect, counseling is likely to be very helpful.

Find the right therapy for your sexual dysfunction now by calling Miami Women's Health Associates or booking an appointment online.