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Patient Reviews



Yissell Leon de la Vega

Excellent very professional I was very grateful


Anielka Rumbaut Castro

Excellent doctor! I am very happy with him, very dedicated to his profession!


Tio Demoman Pie

Very good . very patient. I loved.



Maria Elena Moreira

(Translated by Google) An excellent Gynecologist Dr. Duarte. Ethical, highly professional and careful in all handling during the consultation. I am very satisfied with having found such a good professional


Grisema Alonso

An excellent doctor, very professional and with very good treatment for his patients, when I went to the salon for my cesarean section that I knew he would be the one who would treat me I felt very calm because I was sure that I was in very good hands, it was a very good cesarean section I will be eternally grateful to him and to his team, they are all angels of God on earth. GOD BLESS YOU BIG ALWAYS !!!!!


betty vertoli

Very nice dr and he was very patient during my delivery and encouraging. He stayed to make sure baby was ok after the delivery. He is a very sweet provider and makes you feel comfortable during all his office visits. I’m very grateful i stayed with him and he was very highly recommended by the nurses at south miami they all had great things to say about him.



Jackie Blanco

Dr.Duarte was extremely professional and wonderful. He helped me with a very difficult time, and was very understanding, gentle, and caring!


Elizabeth Ashley

When searching for the perfect OBGYN, it was difficult finding a doctor who doesn’t treat his patients like “just another number.” In Dr. Duarte we found an extremely compassionate and respectful doctor who takes his time to thoroughly explain the journey of pregnancy, while answering any question you may have. Although the beginning of my pregnancy was very challenging, Dr. Duarte believed in us. He offered a peace of mind during each visit, and made us feel confident that I would carry my baby full term. His M.A., Stephanie, also provided great attention. She’d never fail to greet us with a smile and genuinely ask how I was feeling during every visit; making them an exceptional team. It was an honor to have had Dr. Duarte deliver my first baby, and we are forever thankful for his extraordinary commitment to form a professional relationship with us while providing such special care. I will certainly choose Dr. Duarte as the OBGYN for my future pregnancies, and I recommend him to all searching for a doctor who displays such empathy and dedication. Thank you!


Dariela Fernandez

Honestly I don’t know about you ladies but my part is sacred and we have questions and concerns I’ve gone to three gynos in my life one retired another I had no choice cause it was my insurance but Dr.Duarte is understanding I ask questions that concern me and he answers with explanation and patience I was skeptical to have a male Dr. because of my previous but Dr.Duarte he is great.



Carlotta McKenzie

Dr. Duarte is the best! He makes everything easy with his knowledge and professionalism. He patiently explain everything you need to know and he has a great personality.


Anna T.

I have seen many OB/GYNs and I was very pleased to get to know Dr. Duarte and his office. Even after one visit you can tell he is attentive, knowledgeable, and caring. He makes you very comfortable. His office staff are very nice and helpful. I will definitely be coming back and recommend him to my friends.


Lis Z

I had my routine appointment at 30 week and Dr. Duarte was very nice and professional. He took the time to answer some questions I have with lots of patience and taking the time to explain. I am extremely happy with him.



Maria T

My GYN doctor retired and I was a bit apprehensive to see a new dr. Dr. Duarte is a professional. He is patient, kind, knowledgeable, informative and really took his time to explain everything. He made me feel comfortable. He also has excellent bedside manners. I highly recommend Dr. Duarte and his staff. I am blessed to have had someone recommend him to me. His office staff is efficient, nice and went above and beyond to get all my labs, results from other doctors in their system. Thank you Scarlett!


Michele Vilme

I really love Dr. J. Duarte MD

He explained everything that he was going to do by details. He made me feel comfortable.

And in the process of his work , he was concerned if I was okay. His staff was very friendly and I can Day my overall experience was great.


Dayana Gonzalez

Very thorough, helpful and caring doctor.



Elisabet Hernandez

Dr. Duarte is the best. He treats you like family this is my second child and I’m going again with him he is absolutely wonderful, always listen answers all your questions takes time with you, I recommend him 100% all the Drs at this clinic are great but he is definitly my favorite. Thank you



The best Doctor súper his attention thank youuuu so much


Veronica Gonzalez

Excellent Doctor, professional and human quality. Listen carefully, in all my years here I have finally found a gynecologist who meets my expectations.



Leatha Price

Takes the time to explain everything that is going to happen. Able to answer any questions that you have and puts you at ease.


Lesly Nicole Santiago

Dr. Duarte was very professional and knowledgeable. I will recommend him to anyone that needs to feel comfortable with an OBGYN visit.


Lorena Arroyave

Excellent attention.




Excellent attention.


juliana henriquez

The best doctor!


Yessica Andrade

Excellent doctor, good treatment, one feels very calm, I recommend it.



Andreina Garcia

Excellent Dr, very attentive, very professional, 100% recommended!


Williams Coss Lanz

Very professional and human! I recommend it 100%.


Shabely Brito

Very good experience, Dr duarte is wonderful and everyone treated me with a lot of love … mainly the ultrasound lady



Milycenth Ocasio Rodriguez

They are fast, attentive and very cordial I loved it !!!!


Ana Vicky Armenta

I gave a maximum score, for several reasons: the first is that Dr. Duarte gave me the necessary time, I answer each and every one of my questions, he was direct and clear and kind, he didn’t bother because I asked him, he also resolved me Immediately 3 problems I had, he gave me the diagnosis very quickly too; my appointments very quickly and in the schedule that best suited me because of my work; All this as a patient is highly valued; On the other hand, his staff is really friendly, polite and effective in every need, questions, referrals, appointments, phones. He is an extraordinary Doctor and an extraordinary team, God bless you.


Verioska Duarte Valera




Adriana Simanca

Excellent as a doctor and very humane treatment


Lorena Ramirez

Is the best!! Thanks Doc …


Yasmilex Barett

Dr. Duarte was very kind to me and my husband, explained each step of our process with perfect clarity and empathy ….
I recommend it 100%



Yanelys Perez

Excellent doctor, very attentive worried and with a lot of patience, explains everything and all the questions you have, attended my pregnancy very aware of everything, I recommend it 100% for the best, thank you doctor for all your attention, grateful to you all your life.


Yanelys Perez

Excellent doctor, very attentive worried and with a lot of patience, explains everything and all the questions you have, attended my pregnancy very aware of everything, I recommend it 100% for the best, thank you doctor for all your attention, grateful to you all your life.



Good doctor and good nurses and super nice ultrasound girl.



Jessenia Barcia

Excellent ! 101% recommended! Very professional, he explains everything; Take the time to listen to yourself, answer your doubts … show full attention! As a first time in pregnancy there are always doubts, fears and you need to convey security, tranquility and peace, Dr.Duarte does an excellent job.


Anay Almeida

Excellent care as a doctor and a human being. Thank you for all your attention and bringing my baby into the world, I will be eternally grateful.                 


Veronica Gonzalez

Excellent doctor! Very professional, warm human. Be attentive to what one is talking about. Very grateful for your attention! I recommend it

Excellent doctor! Very professional, warm human. Pay attention to what ever you say. Very grateful for his attention! I recommend him



Sherley Molero

Thank you very much Doctor Jonathan! Excellent service and professionalism


Mariangel Ramirez Ordoñez

Excellent very professional and attentive doctor. Answer all your concerns. …


Maria Gabriela Guerrero

Excellent Doctor, he takes the time to explain everything to you carefully! I loved!



Disney Herrera

Very good service and the doctors are very professional and nice. I recommend them.


Eyesa Mucarsel

felt very comfortable with the doctor! He gave me all the necessary directions and answered all my questions! Very professional! Thanks again


Deborah Echevarria

An excellent professional and an even better person. He was the one who attended the birth of my baby and he couldn’t be in better hands. Thank you Dr. DUARTE.



lorena cordido

Dr. Duarte is very professional and humane, he explains everything very clearly and listens carefully to the patient’s complaints or pain. He explained the whole process to me in a way that generated a lot of confidence. He really is an excellent doctor, I am glad I fell in with him at the right time. Thank you!!



Thank you for the delicate, kind and professional attention of the entire team that works in your office. I went in search of the professional and correct opinion of Dr Jhonathan and in addition to obtaining it, I met a whole group of people who show their real interest in the particular situation of their patients, I congratulate them. I can only wish you much more success and endless blessings.


Lisleydis Cacheiro

Excellent Doctor! If I had more stars I would give them to you. Thank you for the attention, patience and all the time you have dedicated to serving me. Your team is also super friendly. I am very grateful



Stephanie Maria

Very friendly and professional. Same can be said by the front staff and nurses.



Johana M

Dr. Duarte was very professional and helpful great experience!



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